Thursday, October 04, 2007

Craig Should Back Out Gracefully---Oops!

"Wide stance" Larry Craig should remain busted. He should resign and back out of his position to let another more electable Republican run next year. But his silly little escapade pales before the scofflaw Teddy Kennedy, who should have been vigorously prosecuted for DWI, fleeing the scene of an accident, and manslaughter. Those are real crimes, much more important than Craig's idiotic adventure, for which Craig should pay a price.

For the Dems, breaking the law and getting away with it appears to be a game. The reason Jimmy Carter and the Dems want ex-felons to vote is that 90%-plus would certainly vote Democrat if they ever bothered to vote. But their relatives do, and a large percentage of Democrat constituents have a friend or relative who's had brushes with the law. When I worked for the Democrats in St. Louis and later in a national capacity, that was an insider joke among guys like John Podesta & Harold Ickes---which dates my Demo allegiance.

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