Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh so Brave! Katie Refuses to Wear Flag Lapel Pin!

As only he can describe the incessant flatulence of the self-congratulating left, Mark Steyn verbally abuses the sycophants and fart-sniffers of Columbia for their incredible courage in allowing Ahmadinnerjacket to speak at their campus, recently distinguished for heroic action in driving Jim Gilchrist, head of the hated Minutemen, off the podium. Not to mention Columbia's steadfast resolve in preventing a talk by Walid Shoebat, a recanted Palestinian terrorist, from soiling their socialist post-modern credentials by offering an opposing view to their praise of self-exploding violent reactionaries.

I’m sure the UN is cooking up another condemnation of Israel on its front burner, while China-backed & sponsored murderers do that Pol Pot Shuffle that socialism tends to produce simply as part of the “transition” to a workers’ paradise! Mao led the agrarian revolutionary way, but Mugabe and Kim Jung-Il are steadfastly proceeding in the path of the Great Helmsman, as are the Burmese dictator-generals.

Too bad Castro is under the weather, as he has refined his extermination techniques to the point that Barbara Walters and the top US media moguls think he’s a better leader than GWB, that terrible opponent of human rights stateside!

Or perhaps Chavez could get off his trainer wheels and get Kevin Spacey over to Burma as a mediator. Or that brave homme, Sean Penn. We need their candlepower to think of a way out of this hiccup on the road to socially engineered nirvana.

Seriously, the UN wants to TALK to these mass murderers? Just as it is so effectively TALKING to those jolly fellows in Kharthoum? What if they retaliate, or if China restricts the sale of condemned prisoner body parts to these countries who are so in need of internal organs, whatever their origins!

And Katie Couric certainly showed intestinal fortitude, or guts, as she recanted her temporary sanity while in Iraq & reverted to participating in the mass psychosis generated by the MSM stateside. The New York based media is where no variety of BDS is ever punished, which paradoxically in an ironic cynical way, makes George W. Bush a great malefactor against humanitarian rights---as GWB is blamed by them for depriving themselves of their sanity.

For a dose of sanity, try Dr. Sanity to get a glimpse of how real-world rationality erases surreal varieties of BDS.

Although the left is going to miss Chimpy McHitlerburton when he is gone!

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