Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don't Question Dhimmitude?

Democrats habitually see things as half-empty, believe the media because of their defective educations [lib perfessers indoctrinate Humanities students as a matter of a passing grade] and regard ambivalent situations through a lens of fear in the "Flight or Fight" reflex.

For twenty years, I worked for Democrats on and off and their reflexive retreat-gene kept asserting itself, until the only way they could win elections would be by flukes [Jimmy Carter over a bumbling Gerry Ford] or media fluff-piece selectiveness [Bill Clinton's draft-dodging overlooked, Ross Perot's zany paranoia unexamined, Billy Jeff's philandering uninvestigated.]

In this poll, 19% of self-identified Democrats believed the world would be better off were the US to lose the war in Iraq, and an astounding 20% of Democrats "don't know" if it would or wouldn't. That means that in this very random instance, forty percent of Democrats are simply unaware of the US as a bulwark of sanity against what will be an avalanche of terror and self-aggrandizing expansionist insanity among the very impressionable Middle East types. They see things in zero-sum terms and would regard a US defeat as a victory for Bin Laden and a justification for 911.

Why don't forty percent of Dems and over 20% of Independents recognize the danger to western civ were our oil supplies to fall under a tyrannical bunch of religious nutjobs? Could it be what Bill O'Reilly accurately calls a corrupt media which continues to encourage a witch hunt against a talk-radio host?

A corrupt media which when I was young, inveighed incessantly about the evils of Joe McCarthy and his Big Smear tactics and Blacklisting Hollyweirdos with connections to the Communist Party. But now this media and nutjob Democratic Senators are calling for Limbaugh's removal from Clear Channel. With customary inaccuracy, Dingy Harry Reid, a true coward and cut-and-runner who said the surge was not working before all the surge-troops had even been deployed, says Rush's audience is "diminishing." Over thirty million and diminishing? Don't think so, little Harry.

And what a brainstorm to trot out mental defective Tom Harkin, who campaigned on his non-existent Vietnam experience---a proven liar. Only Dingy Harry could have cooked up such a soup of moronic self-deception.

The Dems are counting on their stranglehold over the MSM & Hollyweird to get them into the WH in '08. That'll give them four years at least to cover the Roving Ambassador husband of Hillary, who will make Gary Hartpence [oops, Hart] look celibate in comparison.

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