Friday, April 23, 2010

Ueber-Left Mole Ambinder Shrieks: Are Conservatives Mad?

Public Education

Overton Window, Obama/Ginobli variation
The left-handed Manu Ginobili is reputed to have the best feint-right, drive-left move in the NBA, one that continually catches the opposing guard or defender off his feet, even though he's probably been faked out dozens of times before by precisely the same move. Lefty Obama also thinks he has this down, but he may have hit the ball out of bounds with his new health care fiasco, which is currently about 40-60 on the positive-negative scale.

The Overton Window, mentioned by Glenn Beck, refers to a political science concept described at length by the mentoree of Mr. Overton himself, a senior member of the Mackinac Institute. Above's also a graphic on public education---but the Obama/Ginobili variation tries to convince you it will lower taxes or keep them the same while raising them surreptitiously across the board with accounting tricks---Medicare is a prime suspect.

Ambinder omplains about the conservatives' "theories" which aren't theories at all, but most often the PRINCIPLES of fiscal soundness, national defense that puts security before the rights of alleged terrorists, and basic due diligence in putting a huge program like the sloppily-crafted health care bill that a brain-dead Dem leadership allowed to supersede their own gold-plated cushy in-house health plan FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

When Ambinder asks if the conservative base has gone mad, he puts this turd on top of his ice cream sundae I think it's because there's so much misinformation out there -- most of it spread by the conservative echo-chamber. when Harry Reid screams out in his high-pitched quivering tones in '07 that the Iraq War is lost, Nancy Pelosi snarkily promises to drain the swamp of corruption...and Barack Obama dishonestly promises the most transparent administration in history. The conservatives aren't mad, they are merely angry at the fact that the Obama Administration and its stenographers like Ambinder have gone stark raving mad!

And also, as having paid into Social Security and other benefits for forty-plus years in many cases, the conservatives feel that they are calumniated when nagged for liking social security---after paying for most of it---and also for being taxed enough already, as in TEA. This makes them angry.

It is the liberal progressive socialist leftists who are batshit crazy! Ambinder is merely batshit.

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