Saturday, April 17, 2010

50% Polled by Gallup say Obama Should be S-Canned in 2012!

Clift, Mouth Akimbo Brainlock per usual

Friday NIght Comedy by Jon Stewart ain't there, but for real rib-splitting, ROTLMAO, hilarity, listen to Eleanor Clift of the soon to be defunct tabloid-mag Newsweak on the McLaughlin Group in the PBS stable of barely credible "news summaries" of the week. This ancient, less-than-five-foot-mental and physical dwarf said to buy the latest issue with the cover saying that "the economy's back," 20% REAL unemployment to the contrary notwithstanding. Time Inc. with mental midget Klein & Co. also bleats sheeple in support of BHO, though his plunge in the polls is record-setting [except for Clift, who LIES that he has 50% support. Clift's most hilarious demonstration of total solipsistic autism that only a lifer inside the Beltway would utter was when she assured us all that the Fed and Bernanke were "in charge" of the economy and wouldn't raise interest rates, thereby ensuring an economic recovery.

Anyone with an IQ higher than room temp knows that the socialist paradigm Obama and the Botox biyotch & Dingy Harry are pushing like bad acid, killer China White heroin, or name your methyl alcohol substitute for booze---including Harry's immigration reform will be passed this year, which has as much cred as "The War is Lost, stop talking about the Surge" three years ago.

Gallup points out that Clinton was at 46% in April of 1994, the year Gingrich's "Contract With America" overwhelmed the Dems, and as a state-controlled media serf of the DNC, points out that Dole was defeated by Billy Jeff in '96.

Americans became somewhat less likely to say Clinton was deserving of re-election over the course of 1994. Gallup's last measurement before the 1994 midterm elections, in October, showed 38% of Americans (and the same percentage of registered voters) saying Clinton deserved re-election, with the majority of 57% saying he did not. The Democratic Party suffered huge losses in the 1994 midterm elections, but Clinton was elected to a second term two years later by a comfortable margin over Bob Dole.

Clinton's approval sagged to 38% that November and nothing Obama is going to do with stop his steady slide in the polls unless the economy comes around.

And Bob Dole, much like McCain in '04, was a candidate more or less anointed by the state-controlled media of the time. This time around, whether or not the Republicans pick a winner, it will not be the NYT & WaPo & LAT plus Bri-boy influencing the choice.

Even a much-brain like Clift admitted that the Tea Partyiers are an authentic voice of the people, although this early-dementia hanger-on disparaged them for being "White, Male, well-off, and gun-loving" as though these were semi-legal traits at best.

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