Friday, April 23, 2010

Is Laughing Boy Jon Stewart Too Chicken-Sh*t To Joke About South Park Threats

Not Really, Jon-Boy Plus With Bernie Goldberg, You Hit Below the Belt---for Which You OUGHT to be Appalled!

Comedy Channel Poseur Jon Stewart who makes faces and strikes poses about Bernard Goldberg knows that Goldberg isn't going to stick a knife in him with a note like the Islamo-fascist DOGS did to Theo Van Gogh, distant relative of the late great Dutch painter.

Jon-Boy isn't so quick with the pretentious f-you's and such to FoxNEWS, which actually does have the courage to report on the Islamo-fascist DOGS who threatened South Park with a Theo Van Gogh slice-fest last week. The stab-in-the-back cowards have a lot in common with Stewart, in fact, in that they pick on those brave enough to take the moral high ground against vicious Islamo-fascist back-stabbers and cowardly stiletto-sticking CARPET JOCKEY BOW WOWS.

Wet-a-bed piss-himself Jon-Boy only picks on the high ground types like Goldberg who would never, say, shank Jon-Boy in the Men's Room [in his case, Little Boy's Room for short equipment types] while he is relieving himself during his most productive part of his day.

You might think I'm a bit overboard in my contempt for cowardly people who pick on gentlemen and journalists, both of which Bernard Goldberg happens to be in generous portions.

It's a free country, as long as the Islamo-fascist DOGS don't take it over due to the Jon Stewarts of the Nancy-Boy "entertainment quivering coward media left" and Barack Obama of the dismantle-our-defenses-against-terrorist-Islamo-fascist-DOGS mainstream Demo-rat moral lepers of the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi Congressional Cowardice Front.

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