Saturday, April 24, 2010

Economist Bearish on Greece Without Mentioning a Major Reason Why

Greece is going to face a lot of difficulties just treading water over the next couple of years, but the NEWL BOLSHIE Economist leaves out perhaps the single most important reason---labor unions and Communists calling for general strikes to further cripple the economy---now hanging by a thread over bankruptcy. Those familiar with Greek coffee house "culture" know that only a small percentage of the males actually do productive work for a living while a larger percentage are members of "public service unions" and other faineant enterprises which entail sitting around drinking coffee and arguing politics while the women do the majority of the labor required to keep the country going.

Why doesn't the Economist, formerly a journalistic enterprise, leave out the huge unproductive sections of the population, including radical "students" who riot on cue and SEIU-type union thugs who march for a state run by the proletariat? I left a hint in the para above and perhaps the more discerning among you might sniff out the clue and look no further.

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