Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why has Global Warming Ceased since 1995?

The Bernie Madoff of Climate "Science"

Phil Jones is an IRCC scientist who refused to turn over data on Climate Change due to FOIA requests. Besides losing his mind [he thought of suicide since his incriminating e-mails were released by a whistleblower], Phil also loses documents by the carload, including the data points which contributed to his constructing the hilarious "hockey stick" graph which conveniently eliminated over four hundred years of relatively balmy European weather [from 1000AD to circa 1500AD] in order to make a "sky is falling" case that the planet's seas may boil over in the next century or two because of manmade industry and CO2 exhalations.

My uneducated guess that the guilty party in much of the planet's climate variations is due to sunspots, which go in 11-year cycles and generate warm weather. Since 1998, almost no sunspots have been observed, indicating that the sudden plateau of temp climbing since then is caused by a cessation of the heat-generating sunspots. But the Maunder Minimum and sunspot theory is never, absolutely never taken into consideration by the giant minds at the IRCC who plan on taxing us for breathing, except for Chinese & Indian breaths, something pertaining to yoga? [The Maunder Minimum was the period between 1620 to 1750 when sunspots virtually disappeared and the "Mini-Ice Age" hit Europe, as is well-attested in literature of the period. We have ice skates from the Dutch due to the canals freezing for months at a time & the Thames froze over every few years for about four decades. Samuel Pepys and other diarists record some of the horrific winters of the period.]

Hilariously at Copenhagen in December, POTUS Obambi showed up the last day to proclaim a glorious resolution to the problem of third-world developing countries like Brazil, South Af, China & India. The four said they had schedule conflicts & couldn't see the mini-Won [the Indians actually said the PM was on the way to the airport!] until the US Sherlocks snooped and sniffed around to find the four holdouts in camera coordinating their refusal strategy!

Obama was invited to [literally!] pull up a chair and observe another Copenhagen defeat as great and humiliating as his Chicago in '16 bid.

So much for being a kinder and gentler superpower!


GW said...

From the sunwatchers . . . . they are thinking a Dalton Minimum. Not quite as bad as Maunder, but if this winter is any indication, I may need to invest in a new snow shovel.

dave in boca said...

GW, I've got nothing against sunshine living in the Sunshine State, and will check out the Dalton variation on the Maunder theme.

dave in boca said...

Here's a nice explanation from Watts Up With That of just what a
Dalton Minimum is all about.