Saturday, April 18, 2009

Noonan Nitwittery Continues

Bland Affluence is the title of Noonan's latest excursion outside her Golden Ghetto in mid-town Manhattan & the Upper West Side Fantasyland the NYT aims its delusional screeds. Noonan is more a West Sider than ever, and she projects a sort of White Noise silliness in explaining how "All shall be well" in T.S. Eliot tones.

Noonan is an anecdotal fabulist, not a rational analyst, and like the funhouse mirrors that appear to surround Manhattan when it gazes westward, her mind is bent, twisted into grotesque curlicues and downright AWOL whenever she ruminates outside the asphalt & concrete sidewalks of New York City.

Noonan actually romanticizes the Boomer Generation, a collection of sodholes whose entitlement frenzies have bankrupted the US fiscally and morally. These feckless pursuers of material wealth while pretending to be on a spiritual quest are unintentionally satirized by this fulsome rubbish:
The baby boomers who for 40 years, from 1968 through 2008, did the grunt work of the great abundance—work was always a long-haul trip for them, they were the first in the office in 1975 and are the last to leave the office to this day—know the era they built is over, that something new is beginning, something more subdued and altogether more mysterious. The old markers of success—money, status, power—will not quite apply as they have. They watch and work as the future emerges.

Yeah, after Stalin was denounced in 1956 by Khrushchev, "the era they built" began to fade and "something new" began, but not "something more subdued and altogether more mysterious."

Noonan of course has it all wrong. The Greatest Generation did the grunt work and giants like George Kennan and Angus Deming and McCloy and others strategized the PostWar resistance to tyranny. This airhead has forgotten that what the Boomers did from 1968 to today was undermine authority and seek compromises which her former boss, Ronald Wilson Reagan, indulged in only when they fit into his all-in poker game to win the entire pot. The Russians and leftist Democrats who use the USSR as a template for their cultural overthrow of Western Civilization like to play chess. They hate it when GWB changed the rules on them and used their Stalinist organs to suppress his name and blacken the reputation of the USA.

Noonan is oblivious and clueless about all this, and had to get a piece in by deadline, which she did. I'm going out today to buy Liberty and Tyranny, a book which isn't a waste of dead trees like Patriotic Grace.

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