Sunday, April 05, 2009

GOP Elephants Never Forget: Ohio is key.

Karl Rove famously was kept out of the McCain Campaign. McCain himself was the MSM candidate for Republican. Once he was nominated, the NYT famously turned on him with the Iseman scandal and subsequent garbage from Darfur Keller and Pinch the Grinch.

The most salient polling statistic in the '08 election is one the JournoList zampolit MSM has suppressed completely. In the final polling in Ohio, Obama won 40,000 fewer votes in '08 than JOHN KERRY WON IN '04.

This means that a large number of Ohioans never voted Republican in '08 and stayed home because the silly RINO at the top of the Repub ticket was an Obama-lite.

Karl Rove was rejected by the senile moron at the top of the ticket because the MSM hated Karl and his successful courting of The Silent Majority, which still exists at a rate of 35% conservative to 20% libtard, among a dozen polls taken over the last decade.

In other words, in '08 the US was still a center-right country, though neither candidate was close to the center, with McCain center-left at his best and only correct on Iraq.

Mousetrapped, the GOP lost when Veep-Candidate Palin was pilloried from pillar to post unfairly---and still is by certified perv Excitable Andy. Her family is under an MSM microscope while Obama's relative is being exported from Boston under a media blackout.

The JournoList band of zampolitsya batter any defectors or laggards and spew lies endlessly about FoxNEWS & the WSJ.

The rest of the media is in the hands of Democrats while Harry Reid says that income taxes are "voluntary."

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Bruce Moomaw said...

As for the "Silent Majority" supposedly being still in existence by a 35-20 margin: funny that no actual election since 1984 has shown remotely that margin for the GOP. One might almost think that a disproportionate number of "moderates" are actually voting liberal.

And as for McCain's loss: his fate was sealed the moment the economy went down the toilet. (This despite the fact that he did far better in general-election polls against the Dems than Romney or Huckabee did.) And Karl Rove would have blown the 2000 election if it hadn't been for Ralph Nader's decision to destroy democracy in order to say it, and the 2004 election if it hadn't been for the Dem Party's long-time pre-Rove reputation as a bunch of not very thoughtful doves.