Saturday, April 18, 2009

JournoListers Align to Support "Internet Neutrality" as Run-Up to "Fairness Doctrine"

Brad O'Leary will be on Glenn Beck Monday at 5PM to talk about the Obamaniacs' Plan, aided and abetted & supported by Obama's friend from Harvard Law named Julius Genachowsk, to impose Internet Neutrality, the launching pad for a Stealth Plan to impose the Fairness Doctrine, quick-like-a-bunny, before the Republicans can profit by the backlash of real Americans in 2010 and elect a GOP House & Senate. With Dem leadership vacuums like Pelosi & Reid, this is entirely possible, but in the interim, the Dems are going to ape Leftist Parties the world over---Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is the most recent example---and attempt to hamstring or even eliminate the opposition.

The takeover of the Dem Party by feverish apparatchiki and cadres such JournoList tyros & MSNBC sports-of-nature betokens a strong Putsch against the US Constitution's Checks and Balances carefully written into law by Madison, Jefferson, Adams and presided over by Washington to ensure that a band of desperadoes do not attempt a coup de pouce or "micro-coup d'etat" because of a temporary ascendancy due to MSM hysterics and BHO opaqueness.

We have elected a pig-in-a-poke POTUS and now must defend the Constitution from elected Fifth Columns in the House and Senate.

Stopping "net neutrality" hocus pocus is the first order of business in retaining the First Amendment rights the Left so dearly wants to deprive us of.

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