Monday, December 24, 2007

Nutjob Ron Paul Says Stop Provoking Osama bin Laden

Terminal mental basketcase Ron Paul
has argued that the US must stop provoking Al-Qaida if Americans are not to be attacked and killed and that Washington's close ties with Israel and Pakistan are annoying the terrorist outfit.

"Read what Osama bin Laden said. We had a base in Saudi Arabia that was an affront to their religion, that was blasphemy, as far as they were concerned," Texas Congressman Ron Paul said.

He also said the US was bombing Iraq for 10 years. "We've interfered in Iran since 1953. Our CIA has been involved in the overthrow of their governments. We're, right now, in the process of overthrowing that nation," Paul said.

"We side more with Israel and Pakistan, and they get annoyed with this."

Hmmm.... This joker makes Mike Huckabee, who asked "What NIE on Iran?" look like Henry Kissinger!!!

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