Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Dead

Bhutto was killed at the same spot as a previous Paki PM, Liaqat Ali Khan, in Rawalpindi.

The most likely culprit is Al Qaeda. Zawahiri has vowed to kill Bhutto whom AQ considers an American agent & a feminist dead set against AQ male patriarchies. The tragedy is that Musharaff might have been betrayed by ISI elements sympathetic to AQ extremists who want to keep Pakistan off balance—which keeps their hand in the game.

There is no way that Musharaff wanted Bhutto dead and gone—but his enemies [and Pak destabilizers] did.

This terrible crime will throw a spotlight on the American candidates for President and may reverse the domestic tilt that success in Iraq has enabled the candidates to stress over the last couple of months. Foreign policy expertise will once again come to the fore as a necessary qualification for a nominee of a major party. This may also temporarily derail a third party bid by Bloomberg or Ron Paul.

Sadly, Bill Richardson has already soiled his underwear in public by demanding Musharraf's immediate resignation, something even seasoned moonbats are too clever to call for. At a time of instability, this would be foolish at best and probably insane.

Is this fellow a serious candidate for POTUS? He is rapidly losing any credibility in foreign affairs by his intemperate announcements.


Shayon™ said...

It's a shame that such an incident would've occurred. It now seems to be for the better that Bhutto had been out of the country all this while. She'd been so caring for her countrymen, all her life, and this is what she gets in return.

Just posted a video on her life and a few words too on my blogpage at

Hope you give it a visit.


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Audacious Epigone said...

Joe Biden ripped into Richardson for his ridiculous call. That reaffirms in my mind that Biden is indeed the best of the Democratic crop.