Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chavez's Brave Bluster Hides Crushing Defeat

The Christian Science Monitor has an article that puts Chavez now in the position of the people he has claimed are the class-enemies of the Venezuelan poor. Although he says that the referendum will not hinder him from pushing forward on his socialism policy:
Alberto Barrera, a novelist and co-author of the Chávez biography, "Chávez sin Uniforme," says the president seems unwilling to read the truth from the electoral results, showing what he calls a ¨short circuit¨ between what Chávez wants and what the people want. "President Chávez exists because the country's elite ignored and turned their backs on the will of the people, but now it seems he may be willing to do the same," he says.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

A Venezuelan friend says that had Chavez actually won the referendum, the army would probably have overthrown him anyway. Paradoxically, Chavez's loss may have postponed drastic action by the Venz military, who despise him despite the billions he has thrown at them.

Chavez has severe limitations as a mentally superior leader; he actually thought that his fix in the referendum of about 10% of the vote stolen or cheated for would be a comfortable cushion against the polling which at the last minute was giving the opposition a slight edge.

But Chavez's boastful self-absorption and widely-touted "reforms" had not brought prosperity or even food to his most fervent supporters, who actually voted "no" in some of his "safe" districts.

The Christian Science Monitor is a fatuous leftist publication and therefore tries to put a good face on Chavez's defeat. As does Chavez, who realizes the international left and miscreant kleptocrats in Argentina and Mexico are rooting for him.

But the Venezuealn military will have the last say, and this silly caudillo will be reduced or eliminated if he attempts to subvert the countries democratic institutions.

Which, given his low IQ and big ego, might just happen. Hope his end is swift and just.

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