Saturday, November 19, 2005

Murtha Vote a Stunt?

"Stunt" was the description of the Democratic House Leadership of the quick call for a vote to leave Iraq immediately by the Republican Speaker.

Hmmm.... wasn't that the same appelation employed by the Republicans when the Senate Dems invoked a seldom-used ploy to hold a session in-camera a couple of weeks ago? For two hours? With no vote?

Oh well. One man's stunt is another Party's call for an open vote.

The whole episode is worth it to watch the pocket-rocket Dennis [the non-menace] Kucinich flailing his arms in the well [rostrum? podium?]in an apparent attempt to achieve lift-off to fly back to Planet Barbra where he breathes the pure nitrous oxide of the whacked-out Left. [Remember this little fellow's principles were not so apparent when he switched from a life-long commitment as a Pro-Life Democrat to being pro-Choice on literally fifteen minutes notice, when told he must do so to get an endorsement for President from NARAL. What a specimen of gravitas! Obviously, un homme serieux, by French standards! Gosh, I'd want him on my side too!]

Seriously, the front-page coverage given Murtha's defection from support for the war in the Washington Post contrasts severely with John McCain's call for more troops which the Post sequestered on page 21 below the fold just a few days ago. Leonard Downie and his fellow-travelers revealing a bias? Gee, I wonder?!

The Beltway Wars have begun to deteriorate, as the Dems begin to lose what tenuous hold on reality they have remaining in order to ramp up for the 2006 mid-term elections. With the flickering quality of leadership the Dems have in the House and Senate, perhaps Barbra's heavy intellectual candlepower [assisted by C[looney] and other Hollyweird heavyweights] could lead them toward the sort of "social contract" so successful in France.

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