Saturday, November 19, 2005

Murtha Move Countered 403-3

The Washington Post has an article describing how the verbal crockery flew after plaster-statue Saint Murtha was supposedly insulted by having his call for surrender loosely described as cowardly and not worthy of a Marine.

The Democrats purport to be enraged at the supposed insult. Why? The Republicans called them on their shabby little Kabuki rite of trotting out a patriot and turning him/her into a whining loser. They began it in Vietnam and when Zarqawi and Zawahiri refer to "God created Americans as the most abject cowards of God's creatures," they surely had the Democrats in mind.

In fact, the French, Al-Qaeda, the North Koreans and Cuba all regard the Democratic Party as a Fifth Column to undermine American policy. They know that if they wait long enough, wet-eyed dreamers like Carter or slick super-gigolos like Clinton will find a way to support any foreign menace to America, long after the psychos like Kucinich and Streisand and a number of Hollyweird substance abusers have already cried Kamerad, je me rend, and "I give up!" early in the game.

When a former stalwart like Murtha is cajoled or enticed into raising the white flag, the Washington Post and New York Times put the surrender on the front page, above the fold.

When a real hero and widely-admired national leader like John McCain calls for an increase in troops to Iraq, these broadsheets for invertebrates bury the story way back in the paper.

The Mainstream Media in the USA is losing revenue because their editorial policy generally supports a Leftish portion of the population whose views have been softened by relativist nonsense and consumer acquisitiveness.

These so-called Blue Staters may have much of academia in thrall, and the MSM monkey dancing to their organ-grinding, and, yes, they may read the NYT and the WaPo faithfully since these are their daily secular sermons.

However, it is predictable that Al-Qaeda will manage to infiltrate this country and may perhaps detonate an explosion or cause another catastrophe greater than 9/11 if these appeasers and negotiators and lawyers seize control of national policy.

We have already seen how Reno's DOJ steered national security issues into a law and order framework with the help of dedicated lawyers like Jamie Gorelick, thus making enormities like 9/11 much more prone to happen.

And Clinton's backing and hauling on the first World Trade Center attack and subsequent failures in making a strong effort to seize Bin Laden demonstrate the fundamental lack of will on the Liberal Left to preserve the secure environment in which the American values they always prate about can actually flourish.

Oh well, most old soldiers never die, they just fade away, unless like Murtha they depart in a flatulent cloud!