Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dave's World

Evan Thomas and Michael Isikoff both believe, as I mentioned in a previous posting, that Richard Armitage informed both Robert Novak and Bob Woodward that Plame was Wilson's wife and responsible for sending him to Niger on a uranium yellowcake spook/sleuth expedition.

As is often the case in these super-sleuth cases, Tom Maguire has done the archival dig very well and analyzed the pottery shards so as to reconstruct motive and intent.

Thomas and Isikoff deconstruct the general MSM interpretatioon that the Plame outing was a nasty below-the-belt groin-kick [sort of goes without saying, huh?] to Wilson by evil neo-cons led by the arch-cabalmeister Cheney by noting that Armitage opposed the neo-cons in their headlong rush to battle or at least was a loyal lieutenant to Colin Powell, his sane boss.

So Woodward's interpretation that the whole episode has been hyped beyond any rational boundaries, making a tempest in a teapot into a veritable Katrina, makes more sense than ever and justifies his silence over the leak to him in June about Plame.

Who wants to be dragged into a MSM kangaroo court? Thomas and Isikoff remain rational observers of the Plame stink bomb, realizing that it gives Dems a chance to vent their impotent hysteria and that Woodward sadly but wisely concluded that his silence might obviate an additional media feeding frenzy.

The Left demands Purges much like the Right demands tax cuts----it's part of their DNA as big-government totalitarians. Plamegate like Katrinagate is a scandale du jour that satisfies the MSM run-amok mode. Wonder what/who is next on the menu?

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