Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hitchens taps Murtha on wrist

Christopher Hitchens raps Murtha for being "honorable, but simple-minded" while at the same time excoriating White House spokesman McClellan for comparing Murtha to traitor-slob Michael Moore.

BTW, now that GM is closing its last facilities in Flint, Mich where excrescence Moore originated, is this specimen of an eating disorder going back to look for the GM Chairman again?

However, Hitchens himself makes a simple point; namely, let's have a debate about Iraq. It was amusing to hear the whining hysterics on the Dem side of the House Chamber, some of them female but all of them lactating, braying that the vote would stifle debate on the war.

Actually, a vote would enable those Dems with backbones to register their disapproval of the war, after whatever partisan remarks were exchanged in the guise of a "debate" on the war issue.

Three such Dems were found, one of them my own Congressman from S. Florida. I respect him for at least standing up for the principles he has espoused.

The rest of the morally bankrupt crew of degenerates on the left voted FOR the war, claiming that it was all a stunt.

As long as Pelosi in the House, and Reid in the Senate, are the presiding Dems, the Republicans won't have much to worry about in 2006---maybe a few seats on the margins in both Houses.

Hitchens ends his enlightened and enlightening Slate post by noting that the Dems are blindly espousing the isolationist creed of Lindburgh and Sen. Borah in the face of a real threat to American security and American Democracy in the longer haul. The shortsighted gotcha-gang are just discrediting themselves by failing to have any sort of alternate strategy to defeat or diminish Islamic Radicals.

The ostrich-like posture of Charlatan Chirac didn't work, but that won't stop hopeless recidivist Dems in Congress from trying the same tack.

As Dr. Zawahiri MD says of the USA, "God has blessed us by creating the Americans as the most cowardly of opponents." Dr. Z must be thinking of the Democrats.

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