Friday, August 01, 2014

Egypt, Jordan, UAE & Saudi All Distance Selves from Hamas This Time Around

The New York Times has an interesting piece by David Fitzpatrick that the mainstream media herd has declined to comment on. This time around, the Arab Levant of Jordan Saudi UAE & Egypt are onto Hamas terrorist gambit, and unlike simpletons like Kerry & the EU herd, just ain't buying it. As an FSO Arabist who has lived in three Arab countries [Lebanon, Saudi, & Egypt] and travelled to all but a couple Arab League members, this does not surprise me. After a year of Morsi and his autocratic ways and lack of any personal politics, no compromises led to the Egyptian Army reasserting its paramountcy. As I had written all along was going to happen. It would happen to Al-Maliki were his 60% majority not fireproof. Or at least he thinks, and never compromises. Over 1300 years, the Arabs have either ruled by tyranny or seen anarchy. Tsisi in Egypt is a tyrant replacing an anarchical situation Morsi caused. And Hamas is a member of the Ikhwan just as the Muslim Brotherhood is. With Morsi gone as a mediator, it's no wonder sensible Arabs are staying away and even silently urging Israel on by their thundering silence.

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