Saturday, August 09, 2014

Obama's Lack of Social Skills Reflected on the Golf Course

POLITICO has an excellent piece on why Obama has golfed 180 times during his failed presidency versus 24 for GWB.


Obama's brief tenure as a Senator did not supply him with negotiating skills and schmooze ability that ex-Governors Reagan & Clinton & GWB, for example, had to learn to get things done. Like Nixon & Jimmy Carter, Obama has a loner gene in his DNA that confines his golf partners to WH staffers for the vast majority of outings. His one round with golf fanatic John Boehner left him with deep distaste for a partner who didn't agree with this evident solipsistic and autistic social-skill lacking autocrat.

One of his advisors was quoted on background that Barack thinks dissent and dialogue is "messy."

At least he is not a serial cheater like LBJ or Billy Jeff Clinton, famous for his "Billigans" which were extensions of Mulligans.

He is most reminiscent of classical loner and non-golfer Jimmy Carter, whose retreats to Camp David and elsewhere symbolized his out-of-the-box essentially eccentric qualities.

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