Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams and Me: Synchronicity

Valentine's Day 1981 I was in LA at The Comedy Store on Melrose and was sitting by myself having a drink at a small round bar table with a Variety rolled up in my back pocket. I got up to go to the men's room and was asked by a voice behind me, "Is this yours?" and handed me the Variety, which had fallen out of my pocket. It was Robin Williams all by himself, with a friendly smile on his face. [I know it was Valentines Day because as I went in, Tommy Smothers came out of the bathroom wearing an outsized button saying "Mom loved you more than me." Remember The Smothers Brothers?]

Flash forward three short months or so and I am with my fiancé at Williams College in Massachusetts seeing a Greek play starring Superman star Christopher Reeve in the lead. There is no room in the theater except at the very back row and I slide into a seat. Sitting next to me all by himself is Robin Williams! [I find out later that Reeve and Robin were roommates in NYC when they both started out in their acting careers.]

Bumping into Williams on both sides of this vast country and at Williams College no less!

Both times he was quiet [and friendly] and had a sort of solitary look about him that one wouldn't expect.

Requiescat in Pace.

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