Thursday, July 31, 2014

UN Human Rights Chief Yammers Endlessly About Israel, Mentions Hamas Parenthetically

A UN Political Hack named Pillay ragged heavily on Israel for its being a meany while those poor Hamas dudes get a rap on the knuckles for venial sins.

Last nite on BBC, the UN UNRWA Commissioner blamed Israel endlessly while not even citing Hamas' provocations amidst crowded neighborhoods in Gaza City. [Note: I was short-listed for this job in 1999, but thankfully missed the final cut.]

The nasty UNRWA [German] freak was screeching about Israeli attacks, the nasty dude didn't bother to mention that rockets were found in THREE of his UNRWA schools and a booby-trapped tunnel entrance under one of UNRWA's medical facilities.

Any wonder why the Israelis regard the UN as a Hamas ally and that the media are totally biased pro-Hamas?

Western newsmen in Gaza like the unctuous weepy fraud Barry Petersen are NOT ALLOWED any photos of Hamas terrorist "militants" and shepherded to hospitals where children are shown in terrible pain.

The Fatah rep to Washington let the cat out of the bag last night when he noted that 80% of the Palestinians killed were civilians, meaning of the 1300 dead Palestinians, close to 300 were Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

May dogs eat their bones!

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