Thursday, July 24, 2014

Washington Post Editorial Board Condemns Hamas to Hell

The Post is avoiding the PC cowardice of the tabloid NYT & the PBS/NPR & old alphabet networks.

In 1999, I was personally short-listed to run UNRHWA in Gaza. Al Hamdililah, I didn't get the job. This was years before Hamas was elected over the PLO in Gaza, due to Condi Rice's insistence that the election be truly democratic.

Few are aware that during the Camp David Talks, the Israelis begged Sadat to take over Gaza, but the wise old Egyptian refrained. Gaza was and is a byword for ungovernable chaos, even before the criminal gang of terrorist thugs took over.

Israel tried to run the place for a decade or so and then let it go. Now Gaza is imploding as a powerless population lets itself be used as a human shield. So it can be a weapon for the nihilistic rage Islamic terrorists reserve for everyone.

Including other Muslim terrorist groups…!

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