Friday, July 04, 2014

How Obama Lost the Middle East

Classicist & Pundit Victor Davis Hanson put some thoughts forward on how the Bumbling Incompetent the USA must suffer for the next two years in the Oval Office "Lost" the Middle East.

In sum, with Obama politics always trumps policy and ideology reigns supreme.

Ditto for almost every every other obstacle Obama must confront or surmount---the Arrogant Know-It-All in Chief will not consult with Congress & knows that a compliant media will be a lapdog in blaming Congress for not being consulted.

The USA now has a shiftless rhetorician in charge of foreign & domestic affairs and as Dr. Hanson notes, the prognosis is not good.

And this cowardly large child looks around for someone to blame or at least make all these foreign policy setbacks from Crimea through Syria [and his imbecilic "red line" malfeasance] to ISIS or ISIL or IS go away.

In the meantime, this silly arrogant miscreant in the Oval Office misuses his power while trying to lower his handicap on the golf links.

You see, golf appears to this essentially shallow nitwit to be the only action even remotely under his control!

Certainly, sitting down with Mr. Boehner or even Harry Reid would be admitting defeat and this supremely delusional and completely arrogant imbecile knows that once he does that, the avalanche will commence and his presidency will be revealed to be the sham and shambles it already has become.

And admitting this will cause him to hemorrhage power until he is exposed as the classic Emperor without clothes!

Hanson has it right and Obama has lost his presidency.

The Quinnpiniac Poll which has Americans rating him as the WORST president since World War II will proceed backwards in time to Obama's being the WORST president since Woodrow Wilson, in the opinion of the American people, those geniuses who can sniff out a phony from far far away.

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