Thursday, May 14, 2009

What did Nancy Know and When did She Know It?

The Hindenburg approaching that New Jersey landing strip is what Nancy Pelosi appears to resemble. She keeps pouring gasoline on a fire that she's trying to put out and pretty soon the entire episode what is left of her credibility as a political actor with any real suasion on the Hill.

Her strong-arm Queen Bee-nery assault on Jane Harman, her much more competent successor as Ranking Member on the Intelligence Cte, a job which she herself is now revealing that she fouled up, as her increasingly flustered interpretations of what she was told, when she was told it, and so on are suddenly turned into accusations that the CIA "lied" to her.

Only a serious case of PMS can account for this woman's increasing ineptitude, or perhaps it derives from a big-city hack being put in a sensitive position with international responsibilities. Jane Harman should have been the Chair of the Intel Cte in 2006, but the B-List mind of Pelosi couldn't handle having a much smarter female in a job she herself flubbed up. So a barely literate ESL hack named Reyes was named, and Silvestre couldn't even tell what a Sunni or a Shia was despite many years on the Intel Cte.

Maybe Steny Hoyer should take over. The Speaker's job isn't one for amateur second-raters.

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