Monday, May 25, 2009

NBA: Refs Mean Cleveland Plays 8 Against Orlando's Five?

Joey Crawford appears to be following the Tim Donaghy rules when it comes to calls in Game 3 of the Orlando/Cav game, in which Dwight Howard was given no leeway at all [and called for a couple of Ben Wallace flops plus a LeBron drive which grazed the King's hip as DH tried to get out of the way]. LeBron can charge, but get a blocking foul on the Magic almost at will. OTOH, Dwight is being short-sheeted on playing time by refs who call him for no-foul flops by the likes of Williams and Wallace [and don't forget the time Williams threw a ball at Howard with no technical call].

I'll bet Magic fan Tiger Woods is glad he is his own ref more or less in PGA rules USGA golf. And watching good-friend Dywane Wade see Dwight get a ridiculous lack of respect from crooked refs must make him cringe.

It's crushingly obvious that the NBA's "hidden" agenda is becoming glaringly visible---the big Vitamin Water and other Corporate Masters want their puppet Stern to dance the Finals into a LeBron/Kobe confrontation. There's a lot of ad money riding on it.

When Coach Van Gundy says that the NBA Finals aren't like College Football voting for top game, he must have had his tongue in his cheek. And when a reporter asked him about the reffing, which makes any fan gag, he told the guy to write about what he himself couldn't say without a $25K fine! "Just write about what you saw." I'll bet Stern and his Gang of Deputy Commishes are wondering how to punish Van Gundy for excessive candor....!

And if it takes technicals like the one Joey Crawford called on Dwight to scare the Defensive Player of the Year into mediocrity, and dozens of loony calls like the perfect block of LeBron's three-point attempt at the end of the Fourth Quarter being called a foul on Dwight, well then that's what it takes. Damn the spectators and their lyin' eyes! Looks like the zebras are following the orders of Stern, who obviously takes his cues from former car-salesman Baseball Commish Selig [who sold my dad a '59 Fairland in Milwaukee a century ago] who IN TURN takes HIS cues from Larry King.

A bunch of old geezers who probably admire Bernie ["Made-Off"] Madoff.

Bring back Donaghy, he can't do worse than Crawford & Co. pushing the Cavs toward the Finals.
UPDATE A blog by Matt Yglesias was brought to my attention and this commenter seems to have voiced my thoughts on Commissioner Stern much better than I did above:
As with just about everything he does, Stern is acting like a high-handed, venal little shit. The NBA could have let this pass under the radar, but by protesting too loudly, all it does is once again place attention to the fact that to many fans the NBA is barely more credible than the WWE..
Agreed. I saw this on display during an interview with Stern regarding the suspension of a player (I believe it was Pierce's "menacing gesture"). The sideline reporter asked Stern about the player's appeal, and Stern smirked and said something like, "he can appeal all he wants, but I am the one deciding his appeal, so..." The announcers got a good chuckle out of his answer.
The obvious implication was that the appeal process was meaningless and that Stern is the final word on such matters, period. In my opinion, Stern is arrogant enough to think he can "correct" problems with officiating in the playoffs by making sure refs know what would please or displease him in a given series. To Stern, this wouldn't be him "fixing a game" - it would be him "improving the product."
When you put someone who believes he knows best in charge of an organization with no checks or balances, bad things tend to happen.

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