Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Herbert Meyer Understands History and the Democrats

This pretty much sums up a lot of what is going on in the hidden agenda the Democrats are trying to soft-sell the average American into buying into. Herbert Meyer is a distinguished student of history who understands that countries lose their liberties by frittering away the rights of individuals vis-a-vis the central government. Schwartenegger has just given California's debt to Washington and as he did with the banks, Obama will take it. Let's see the lotus-eaters get back their rights, if they even care about them any more...

Like the banks trying to give back the TARP money, the conditions attached will cripple them.


Anonymous said...


What conditions-with-the-TARP money are attatched?

I could tell by the way Paulson et al have been trying to strongarm -healthy- banks into taking the TARP money that something must have bee up with it, but dont know the brass tacks. Do banks that take TARP money have to adhere to the CRA Act of 77' or something?

Anybody esle know if Dave doesnt?

Thanks, M

dave in boca said...

Good question, but I think that Geithner just got told by the Extortionist-In-Chief that repaying the TARP money immediately with interest wouldn't fit into the long-term strategy of complete public ownership of the financial sector, or at least control over significant parts of the financial sector.

The CRA of '77 proves the meddlesome policies of Jimmy Carter are disastrous, and iMHO, Obambi is "Welcome Back, Carter" like the old TV show.