Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busted: Jon Meacham Brings Newsweak out of Closet As DNC Satellite!

John Podhoretz recalls the halcyon days when Time paid him a nice salary with many perks under Henry Grunwald's imperial rule. Those days as a profitable publication are long gone.

But Newsweak is finally announcing itself as an op-ed partisan rag as if its [poorly-hidden] agenda under the sheets had previously gone unnoticed. Although occasionally Eleanor Clift will reveal Joe Biden as a true clueless buffoon [again, as if we didn't know], Newsweak will now confine itself mainly to singing hosanna to the highest, the Chosen Won. The pseudo-religious Meacham [I read his shabby book on American religious beliefs and politics] gets a Pulitzer for a bio of Jackson [which should have been won by true scholar H.W. Brands Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times ], but nobody is fooled by this bantamweight who succeeds welterweight Evan Thomas. Thomas occasionally lurched into relevance or clarity, but Meacham is Best Boy in a B-List movie shoot.

Podhoretz delivers a good thrashing, though without my utter contempt at how far Newsweak has fallen.

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