Friday, November 21, 2008

"Reverse Ferrets" Huffington & Sullivan Ape their Mentor Murdoch

Slate has a nice piece describing the "volte face" that Murdoch's NY Post has done vis-a-vis Obama. Nowhere, of course, does Slate ever avert to the newly-converted ultra-lib opportunists like Arianna Huffington [nee Stassinopoulos] who once upon a time in the nineties strutted around posing at that time as a Republican-oriented conservative. Nor the tranny-in-training emo-boy Andrew Sullivan who formerly posed as a Catholic Irish homo conservative, but now is a senior bitch-boy on the gay-friendly far left.

Interesting how Palinomania continues on the far left's party line blog-vibe while she is now being treated more civilly by the serious media. And how rapidly rat-bitches like K. Parker jump ship when confronted with a job at the Washington Post.

No whores like old whores.....

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