Friday, November 07, 2008

Rasmussen Exonerates Palin, "anonymous cowards" still lying about Sarah

Rasmussen has the goods on the agit-prop campaign to spew leftie-Noonan monkey vomit all over Sarah Palin.

The lefties & Rockefeller Repugs have colluded to try to destroy Palin from the start. The genocidal infanticide-loving Sapphic crones hate her having a child with Down Syndrome and the Repug-left RINOs hate her popularity with the vast majority of conservative voters. McCain lost all credibility when he suggested appointing Andrew Cuomo to head the SEC, apparently blissfully unaware that Cuomo helped CAUSE the meltdown by fanning the FanFred mortgage scam [which Barney Frank's "husband" was on the board overseeing as well as Rahm Emanuel and other RICO crime spree perps like Jim Johnson, Jamie Gorelick, and Franky-boy Raines] while Andy was chief of HUD, working with FanFred to move worthless homes to worthless Dem constituents.

Palin is the only sane person among the final four top candidates, although Obama appears lucid at times. Biden was the biggest joke in the entire campaign [well, maybe Mike Gravel was, but Joe was near the top funnyman-fool]. McCain kept swinging haymakers like he was trying to hit a big pinata. Obama was helped by a pliant, even perv [Tweety-bird's leg shivers], media which refused to investigate the seamy underside of the Obama CV.

Palin and Huckabee and Jindal are the top three in my book, with P & J both POTUS material.

And it appears that Mark Salter has called the stories about Sarah Palin "lies" and wonders who can be behind the slanders and calumnies---maybe Murphy & Noonan & former CBS hack Nicole W? Plus Romney Uruk-Hai orcs-in-waiting?

Also, women are even stupider than most people thought. And the airheads pushed Obama over the top while believing the media was not biased---hmm... gotta rewire the distaff side to see if there are any short circuits.

Finally, GOP voters preferred Palin to McCain another Rasmussen poll divines. And all along I thought it was just me!!!

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knowitall said...

For people to name call and finger point just shows how immature the campaign aides truly were. It is their fault the left-wing illuminati won, because they were the organizers and controllers.