Monday, November 10, 2008

Comment on MSM/McCainiac Campaign to Discredit Palin

The crapola media comments about Palin's purportedly "dragging down the Repub ticket" reflect the discredited MSM [the NYT loses over a thousand readers per week on a consistent basis] campaign to denigrate and slander a REAL conservative who lives her life and isn't a gaffe-a-matic loon like Joe Biden, whose silly comments finally consigned him to a penalty box for the last month of the Obama campaign. Obama, of course, says hardly anything and has no reporters vetting his possible illegalities with Rezko and his associations with unrepentant terrorists.

Instead it's a phony wardrobe scam that this fake-news blog puts forward on the word of McCain aides angry that she drew the crowds while J-Mack actually turned off conservatives.

The Rasmussen Poll says 62% of Republicans support her, with Romney & Huckabee & Jindal close to single digits. McCain was the candidate of the MSM, which then mousetrapped him with phony pieces in the soon-to-be-defunct NYT about Vickie Iseman & his wife----classy stuff & none of it true, just like the wardrobe hoax generated by former CBS newsie Nicole {LNU] & her partners in disinformation Murphy & Noonan. The WSJ wing that favors illegal immigration got their boy Johnny as the Repub candidate, but couldn't stand a real conservative like Palin, who owns one house and has five kids & her first husband. The MSM females rarely have any husbands except the Ellen DeGeneres variety. No wonder they hate a good-looking smart female [who's been jumped on by the MSM while serial dunce Biden got a free pass].

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knowitall said...

The mainstream media illuminati have attacked Palin so much, and they're finally leaving her be. Maybe people would have seen the good she could do had it not been for the biased media.