Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dem Electoral Crime Wave Hits Minnesota Even Before Recount

The RICO Crime Spree known as the Democrat Party continues its election fraud---presumably employing non-existent Repub "fraud" to justify their high crimes and low-life political methods.

Minnesota is following the state of Washington which managed to steal a governorship in the 2004 election through massive "discovery" of missing ballots. The reason Dems commit these election crimes is that government to the Dems is everything----Repubs have the sensible attitude that it is a necessary evil, Dems believe it must grow until government dominates the economy and public life through Bureaucratic Authoritarianism, a creeping unaccountable power-grab by judges, "administrative law," and other ways to avoid the Constitution, which the Dems regard as an unnecessary evil.

Obama even admitted in a candid interview while he was a State Senator that "redistributive" social and economic justice should replace private property and that the Constitution was a flexible document that even the hyper-liberal Warren Court [Ike called appointing Earl Warren as Chief Justice "the biggest mistake I ever made"] had not gone far enough to wrest property from those who owned it to "redistribute" property to those who deserve it, i.e., coincidentally traditional Dem constituencies!

The repulsive porn "comedian" Franken is even more ridiculous than Gov. Gregoire of Washington, who stole the governorate with the assistance of entrenched bureaucrats and criminal Dem operatives across the state. The Repubs have ignored gigantic voter fraud in states like Missouri and Wisconsin [the latter in both 2000 & 2004] simply because they won the presidency nation-wide. In the meantime, Dems like the execrable Bobo Boxer of CA were making fools of themselves by claiming that Ohio was not legally won.

The Dems will continue to use illegal and extra-legal means to circumvent the public will, as in the recent votes banning gay marriage, simply because these arrogant political commissars KNOW BETTER than the poor benighted voters! Prepare yourself for mysterious bureaucratic manipulations and more electoral fraud as the Red Star Tribune cheers on the vote stealers in MN to give that state a Senator as silly and stupid as the average inhabitant [I lived the worst four years of my life in MN].


road warrior said...

Some the things that Obama says are absolutely ludicrous! I don't see how he got elected? However i don't think it was voter fraud! But i guess the liberal illuminati did enough lying that they got him in, crazy! what is going to happen to our constitution now?

knowitall said...

Now the judges have allowed the liberal illuminati to get ballots that are private and bother the people to see who they meant to vote for. Just give up lefties, you're not getting 60 seats,