Saturday, March 09, 2013

Scarier Job Chart Topped by SCARIEST!!!

The SCARIEST Job Chart posits that compared to past recessions, by this time our economy should have THIRTEEN million more jobs than we have now. That's 13 million jobs less because of the 2007 crash and the BUFFOON in the WH who isn't doing jack-shit about new jobs.

Remember when the FIRST-CLOWN [or is it CLOWN=IN-CHIEF?] promised to have the jobless rate down to 6% if the stimulus or porkulus package was inflicted on the US economy?

Now the lapdog MSM stenographers are claiming 7.7% [in reality over 15% were the Bureau of Labor Statistics honest] as a great and pleasant surprise.

The low-info voter probably has forgotten what good times are all about, but real Americans understand that we are sliding into the kind of decades-long recession-slump-depression that Japan suffered in the late-80s.

America may be fading economically as productivity wanes with taxes mounting because the elites want to turn the US into Europe.

How's Europe working out lately?

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