Monday, March 04, 2013

Eric Holder: Voting Rights Act Can't Be Called Unnecessary Yet

"We saw in stark relief the rank hatred, discrimination and violence that still existed in large parts of the nation," the vice president said Sunday, recalling news coverage of the beatings.

The buffoon Biden could have said that these 'parts of the nation' still exist today in at least two 'parts of the nation' that I have lived in. In Chicago, the rank hatred, etc., is largely between the black and Hispanic parts of the city, with the South Side a seething cauldron of violence. In DC, Anacostia and NE/SE are equal to some parts of Chicago, although the homicide rate is nowhere near the Windy City's...

So Joltin' Joe can blow it out of his most productive orifice one more time and be marked as a complete fool. A walking, talking example of Obama's 'Leading from Behind.'
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