Sunday, March 03, 2013

R.I.P. Nicholas Prasinos [1921-2013]

My father-in-law Nicholas Prasinos, born in Chicago on March 3rd 1921, passed away early today, March 3rd 2013, on his ninety-second birthday. Nick is survived by his beloved spouse Bessie, who just celebrated her ninety-first birthday. Also survived by his daughters Marilyn Mangan, nee Prasinos and Laraine Lippincott.

Nick went to MIT and was one of the first B-29 pilots who flew over Japan, including over the battleship Missouri at the Surrender of Japan on VJ-Day.

He was Honeywell's chief lawyer who argued the case for the proprietary nature of software in front of the SCOTUS in 1979, a landmark case which is today still cited as precedent in legal cases.

Nick and Bess lived in Concord, MA before moving to Florida about five years ago.

During his retirement, Nick published several books of poetry and won a national prize for his poems.

Nick also painted portraits and landscapes and won a prize on Cape Cod for one of his paintings.

Nick was the most generous and loving of parents and in-laws one could wish for.

Nick was one of the founding fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church in Lexington and is well-known in the Greek community in the Boston area and will rest in peace in God's Arms.

He was truly a wonderful representative of America's Greatest Generation.

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