Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tabloids NYTimes & WaPost Downplay Walker Slam-dunk

Wisconsin voters have thrown the MSM into a frenzied frazzle. The most hilarious BS imaginable flows effortlessly from the mouths of imbeciles like Ed Schultz ["Walker will be indicted any day now"] and Larry O'Delirious [Walker "squeaked out" a victory]. Of course, Fargo Fats is beneath contempt and 53-46 is the margin by which Barry Obama "squeaked out" a victory over John McCain!?!

The prevailing meme among the chronic losers on the left [I'm talking moral universe here] followed the DNC talking points religiously [as close as these inverts will ever get to religion!] by parroting on CNN & MessNBC & UpChuck Todd on NBC's post election coverage that "outside money" had somehow brainwashed Wisconsin voters into choosing a "far-right fanatic" who had "already destroyed the Middle Class" in my native state.

Indeed, Walker and I both hail from Wauwatosa, which last I checked was third-largest city in the state---after Madison and before Green Bay!

I seem to be the only one who noticed among news hounds of electronic & print media [correct me if I'm wrong] that those exit polls that EVERYONE complained were completely unreliable when indicating early on that the actual election would be a toss-up-----were universally cited as the source to say that Obama was seven points ahead of Mitt Romney. Anyone see that if an exit poll is far off on the actual election, it may also be far off on an election six months out???

Nearly scalped butch-cut Rachel Maddow joined her brainless bookends Fatso Fats & Larry O'D in bewailing the influence of big money --- which by her skewed account had GOP sources outspending the unions & dizzy Dems 7-1 [CBS Evening News with Steve Pelley had it at GOP & Superpacs $33 million to unions & Dems at $16 million----CBS is far more reliable than the DNC outlet at NBC.

FoxNEWS allowed itself to be played a bit. Its reporters didn't even bring up the outlandish claims that MessNBC & its delinquent parent NBC were proclaiming. Here's Karl Rove:
The results were a historic setback for organized labor, which failed to oust Gov. Scott Walker in a citadel of modern progressivism. And how it must have stung that 38% of union households voted for Mr. Walker, up a point from 2010 when he was first elected.

The election has implications for November. The Badger State now looks more like it did in 2000 and 2004, when Democrats narrowly carried it by margins of 5,708 votes and 11,384 votes, respectively. President Obama's campaign now admits Wisconsin is a tossup. That isn't an encouraging trend in a state he won by 414,818 votes.

The recall contest was expected to be close. A Democratic pollster had the race at three points just a few days out. GOP tracking surveys showed the contest tightening as well. Yet Mr. Walker won by 172,739 votes, up from his 2010 margin of 124,638 votes.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Team Obama, after all, has bragged about how strong its ground game is at registering, persuading and turning out the vote.

Last month, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told congressional Democrats in a closed-door meeting (reported by Politico) that "we're building the best grass-roots campaign in modern American political history . . . that will help all Democrats up and down the ticket." Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz also boasted on CNN in May that the Wisconsin recall would be the "dry run we need of our massive, significant dynamic grass-roots presidential campaign."

After the debacle, witless crone Debbie W-S had the chutzpah to vaunt to a slightly befuddled Piers Morgan that the WI vote was a partial success for the Demonrats because the Dems had wrested the State Senate away from the GOP. The frizzy-brained ditz neglected to mention that the State Senate is not scheduled to meet again until March 2013 after the state redistricted the Dems out of any future contention---absent a landslide for the First Imbecile, which ain't gonna happen.

Debbie W-S is the best weapon the GOP have against the Dems, who are too thick to realize this &/or too arrogant to admit that she's a horrible mistake which keeps on mistaking [sic].

Jon Stewart to his credit had a hilarious sendup of the dizzy Dems to celebrate his schizoid political POV. Worth catching on Mediaite if the link doesn't work.

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