Thursday, June 07, 2012

Heat in Final Meat Locker Mode?

The third-rate merry pranksters over at ESPN on the tube & elsewhere are gleefully pointing fingers at LeBron & DWade for the last three losses.

In Game 5, I thought that LeBron had run out of the metaphorical gasoline & was running on fumes---so did not break to basket as much. When he did, he'd lost a step and KG was able to handle his drives into the paint. Defensively, Pierce was able to shoot over him. Still LBJ's average of 30 pts/game & around 10 rebs ain't shameful numbers.

Dywane has to pick up big first half numbers all the way through the first half, not die on the vine in the 2nd qtr.

But Spoelstra has to stop over thinking in almost every compartment. In fact, Eric might be the one to bite the bullet if the Heat don't pan out this year. If Chris Bosh doesn't do a low post tonight very well---curtains for young Eric, IMHO.

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