Monday, June 25, 2012

New Yorker's Partisan Hack Coll Lies & Spews Venom

Nancy-boy Steven Coll unleashes his uninformed bigoted pea-shooter on Marco Rubio, with all the venom his grass-snake stub-teeth can muster. Here's Stevie's twisted take on Obama's illegal order to not prosecute offenders of a law passed by Congress.
...the Republican Party—and leaders like Rubio—offers only empty gestures toward compromise with the Administration to fix that system, and has instead adopted a xenophobic platform that gives priority to security crackdowns and rollbacks of immigrants’ rights.
Under Obama’s plan, illegal immigrants under the age of thirty who were brought to the United States as children and have certain other qualifications, such as a high-school diploma and a clean police record, can apply for work permits and the right to live free from the fear of arrest. The decision is no Emancipation Proclamation, but it has some of that document’s transformational quality: there are few moments when a President, with a single act, can immediately uplift and legitimatize the lives of so many.
Like Obama’s declaration of support for gay marriage, the new system is intended to fire up a section of the Democratic base; in November, the outcome in swing states such as Colorado and Nevada may depend on the participation of Latino voters. But that is not in itself evidence of cynicism. If a President advances civil rights because those rights are popular and might excite voters, he affirms democracy’s credibility.

Coll says not a peep about Liar-in-Chief Obama declaiming a short year ago to assembled Hispanic leaders that he could not legally do what BHO did so cynically and barefacedly for a few more votes from his favorite minority group. {The nasty LiC takes his own plantation-dwelling blacks for granted].

Then Coll trots out a totally misleading precedent on how the SCOTUS ruled that Hispanic kids would be allowed to participate in public schools. Not the same as a work permit and taking jobs away from long-time US citizens. The Nancy-boy fills us with more garbage & lies:
The same reasoning that presumes innocent children also presumes guilty parents. There are criminals among the undocumented, but most migrants came here to work, and, in many important respects, the United States invited and tolerated their activity. Migrants often took the kinds of jobs—in chicken slaughterhouses and fish canneries—that Americans did not want, for wages they would not accept. And business owners and agricultural interests frequently recruited migrants for this work. As recently as 2004, after a period in which immigration officials concentrated heavily on terrorism threats, enforcement of immigration laws against American business owners—as opposed to against individual migrants crossing the border—was almost nonexistent. To criminalize those who responded to this ambiguous employment opportunity is irrational and inconsonant with American history.

Let's examine this choo-choo train of half-baked nonsense along its constituent parts. First, there is a law against staying in the USA beyond the limits of a temporary work permit, so the presumption of guilt among parents is true. And if their children are staying in the US without being born there and not naturalized, then the kids are guilty too. Coll is breathtaking in his presumptions. The crime rate among the undocumented is about ten [10!] times that of normal American citizens. Whatever excuses Coll can concoct for this fact, it remains true. Yes, business & agricultural interests favored and recruited migrant workers for special summer tasks, but most were because seasonal jobs---like picking apples, oranges & other rapidly rotting produce if not harvested in a timely fashion---were under temporary work permits expiring at the end of the harvest season. Those jobs that were not seasonal were manned by illegals because of the harsh and dirty conditions, but largely because the amount of money paid was many times the earning power south of the border. Now that's changed somewhat. As for amnesty:
Pandering allies of the Tea Party, such as Rubio, foiled the latest effort.

It's clear that Coll is pandering to the dirigiste impulses of the Democratic Party elites who have little or no sympathy for law and order---such as the constitutional implications of Obama's peremptory apodictic order, the one which a year earlier had been unconstitutional by his own admission---unless it suits their agenda to subvert the constitution through a death by a thousand cuts.
Alabama recently passed a law that included a requirement for schools to ascertain the legal status of their students; even though that part of the statute was suspended, pending court review, enrollment of Latino children in public schools plummeted. At risk is the very basis of social mobility—education—that Rubio and other self-made conservatives cite as a linchpin of their achievements. Radical nativism is turning America’s foundational narrative into a wedge issue, and Republican leaders are going along, unwilling to challenge their base’s dislocated anger. They are undermining national cohesion in ways large and small.

Radical internationalism such as the Obama administration is undertaking is undermining national cohesion much more than giving work permits to undocumented aliens. And the SCOTUS ruling today gives the limp-wristed nancy-boys & little old ladies in tennis shoes a lot more to quiver and quake about... Can't wait until the Obamacare ruling gets published.

And it appears that the apparatchiki of the Democratic Party are scared sh*tless of Marco Rubio as #2 on a Romney ticket.

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