Friday, April 08, 2011

Shale Gas Best New Affordable Source of Cheap Energy, NYT says.

Andrew Revkin has been bleating about global warming for nigh on a decade, but in his opaque and barely intelligible recent writings, he now seems to be beating a very slow retreat as the evidence for AGW simply is not "settled." He does a jump shift over to shale gas, available in immense quantities in the US, among other places, and easy to find and easier to transport than traditional "fossil fuels." But you still have to howl at a sentence like this:
I would greatly appreciate some reflection from you on the new shale gas assessment from EIA (global estimates for areas that have been surveyed) against the trends for food crops, including cassava, going to make fuels, as reported today by Elisabeth Rosenthal in The Times.

Cassava. Uh huh. That's the insanity of the New York Times glowing with a million-candlepower glare.

However, the rest is better. The new study on shale gas by the EIA in Paris, where I used to hang out with David Knapp, is very interesting.

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