Monday, April 04, 2011

NYTimes Refused to Print Retraction of Goldstone's Anti-Semitic UN Report

Pinch Sulzberger is the greatest self-hating Jew on the planet, it seems, as the NYT turned down an Op-Ed column by South African jurist and self-hating Jew Goldstone before the Washington Post printed it to widespread international acclaim.
A source close to Goldstone stated that in the past few days the judge had approached the editor of the New York Times opinion pages requesting to post the article he wrote in the paper – and was told his article was rejected.

The editor gave no explanation as to why the article was rejected, but the source believes this was due to the newspaper's political agenda.

The letter was ultimately published in the more conservative Washington Post over the weekend.

The New York Times said in response that they do not comment on the editorial or reporting process. In recent years the New York Times adopted a highly critical line of reporting towards Israel. Lately, its senior commentator Thomas Friedman has been publishing extremely aggressive articles against Israel and its current government.

The source also said that since the publication of the Goldstone Report two years ago, the judge and his wife have been socially ostracized in Jewish circles, which has caused them a great deal of sorrow.

Who wouldda thunkit???

Fat-boy Tommy Friedman has been getting more and more unintelligible with his recent posts on Israel and the Middle East in general. Now that self-hating Jew Frank Rich has been shit-canned and affirmative-action token stepinfetchit Herbert shown the door, perhaps fat Tommy might be the next who immolates himself [figuratively, of course] on the steps of the NYT building, like one of those bonzes in Vietnam who protested the corruption of their government's policies.

On second thought, don't bet on it as Fat Tommy has the ethical probity of a Bernie Madoff and the moral courage of a sewer rat. Goldstone finally came out for various reasons, friends said.
...other sources close to Goldstone claim that the decision to publish the letter didn't stem from social pressure but from the judge's deep understanding that the UN Human Rights Committee took advantage of his name, status and his being Jewish to unfairly censure Israel. "He would never have written or published the article," the source explained, "if he didn't feel with the utmost certainty that he needed to tell the world that he was manipulated

Of course, it's good that Goldstone finally saw the light, but not many people are going to believe that his original stance with the UNHRC wasn't taken with full knowledge of the consequences having a distinguished Jewish judge would have when Goldstone excused Hamas terrorists and came down hard on the Israeli response to rockets fired at civilian homes and towns and the kidnapping and holding for ransom of a young IDF soldier.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

I actually read through the Goldstone report’s executive summary, as well as the Op-ed he wrote. It wasn’t a retraction. People who are celebrating are doing it far too prematurely, it’s as if Israel was charged with 50 war crimes and he says 2 of them are now proven to be untrue. The other 48 remain.