Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tax Status of Media Mutters should be re-examined

HazzzMat has a good piece on the reaction to the ho hum news that David Brock, the phoney gay conservative who did an Andrew Sullivan and launched toward the home of paraphiliacs---the Demonrat sewers of political discourse---has announced that the sole future of Media Mutters will be to attack Fox News. David Weigel made the same kind of move and it seems that every Log Cabin Republican might be suspect if this sort of switcheroo---Arianna did it for social-climbing reasons---that keeps happening as Manchurian Candidate gays defrock themselves leftward.

There is a serious tax issue involved. Brandon Kiser is quoted by HazzzzMat thusly:
The cutesy-sounding mission of Media Matters to “correct conservative misinformation” is no longer even remotely appropriate. No, MMFA is a political group with $10 million-plus in annual funding designed to wage war against Fox News, and in their eyes the GOP and conservatives as a whole.

Because of this, Media Matters should reconsider their 501(c)(3) status which is designated for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes. MMFA no longer meets any of these qualifiers (it’s arguable they never [sic] did) and under the banner of waging a war against Fox News and the GOP puts them in an entirely different zip code.

Indeed it does, and HazzzMat and Kiser go on to make an excellent analysis of the parasitic beasts hiding under tax free status that are eating away at the very underpinnings of democracy. What used to be called "the marketplace of ideas" is now undercut by a constant barrage against the good faith of the opponent---often accusing Fox, for instance, of slanting the news the way the three alphabet networks tend to do [when they can get away with it, an important qualifier].

HazzzMat didn't emphasize the battalions of legal organizations which are quick to subpoena e-mails and sue GOP politicos---a multi-pronged attack which drove Sarah Palin from office and I wonder if the tax status of these organizations makes them exempt. Another example: a lawsuit demanding Gov. Walker's e-mails was instigated with full hue and cry. A few days later, a Univ. of Wisconsin professor's e-mails were also subpoenaed after a partisan attack on Walker on the NYT Op-Ed page. The hypocrites on the left immediately shrieked about academic freedom, seemingly oblivious to the double standard that the Left has toward advancing its agenda. Gramsci is a good place to start and the ancient Alinsky's code, which Hillary Clinton did her senior thesis on at Wellesley, should also be memorized by every thinking Republican. Remember that the Republican Party is still the party of principles, [at least in theory]. and ideas---the Democrats have only hysteria and special pleading and moving goalposts in their court. Subterfuge is their chief skill and the average American isn't cynical or perceptive enough to not take them at face value.

Indeed, if the Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

The only conspiracy out there is the one where Democrats create disinformation out of whole cloth to slander Fox which they accuse of spreading "misinformation." Misinformation implies wrong, but no intention. "Disinformation" from the Demonrat agitprop battalions of the MSM and Soros

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