Saturday, March 12, 2011

Obama Doctrine: Speak with a Teleprompter & Do Nothing at All

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the feckless second-rate loser known as the Indonesian Imbecile whose main pronouncement last week was concerning how he was "bullied" as a small boy.

Is this the reason he seems to be a deer in headlights every time a foreign policy crisis lands at his doorstep? Is he a coward or a procrastinator?

Bill Clinton, who actually is rumored to have a certified pecker in his pants, is getting browned off with Obama's insipid lack of leadership skills. Clinton's call for an end to drilling moratoriums as the world faces skyrocketing oil prices shows that someone outside the White House is actually paying attention.

I wonder if Bill has a back-channel to Hillary who's following Obama's mincing two-step dance away from confronting Qadafi, and sending the human STD, Clap clap, light's out, to testify that the Libyan clown/murderer is unbeatable.

Which is true, by a "General" of Clapper's skill sets.

And yet last night I noticed the senile moron Shields pronounce WI a huge Demonrat victory. The Washington Post's house moron Dionne concurs with all 70 of his IQ points. Is there something in the water inside the Beltway?

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