Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Demonstrators Freak Out and Hate On Sen. Grothman

Here is video of a mob of screeching crazy freaks in Madison hating on a lone State Sen. trying to get into the locked State Capitol. Juxtaposed are the ridiculous members of the so-called Black Caucus deliberately wading through a tea party crowd obviously trying to goad them into an incident. Some of the lying crooks in Congress actually claimed they had been spit upon and were called racial epithets. Despite hundreds of video cameras, NOT ONE incident was actually recorded. Of course the Black Caucus should be in Zimbabwe where their corruption would be commensurate with their political skills.

Still, it's easy to see the gigantic lie that the elites are trying to foist on the law-abiding tea party members and the civilized majority of Americans. At the same time, the same leftists that the d-bags in the media and academy praise for their zeal in support of unions [who suck the money out of middle class taxpayers] are hating on and surrounding a legally-elected State Senator trying to harm him. He was saved only by the civility of a Democrat assemblyman who accompanied him.

Some of the "demonstrators" are from the quasi-criminal left which are pilot fish to movements like legal protests sanctioned by the local and state by-laws.

If this crowd harassing Sen. Grothman had been tea party members [impossible since tea party members are law-abiding and sane members of society fed up with fiscal harikari like the public unions commit], the MSM and lamestream operatives would be on the job 24/7 trying to goad violence and confrontation.

The use of drugs and particularly crystal meth might have something to do with the exhaustion and demented behavior of some of the protesters.

Also, being bussed in from out-of-town without local resources adequate to the upkeep of demonstrators could be another cause.

And some are just hippie, love-drug radicals left over from the sixties who have nothing better to do with their life.
Obama had his little SOTU squat-fit in front of the SCOTUS because his coddled public service union cash cows had been put back into a bigger herd with the other corporate people out in the USA. Now the Indonesian Imbecile sees his chances for a re-elect in '12 jeopardized by the exercise of democracy, not the corrupt skirmishes that the Democrat Party wages.

Bozell is right. The backbone of the union movement is mob violence and coercion, forced payment of union dues and closed shops----all totalitarian practices that need to be supported by union thugs, goons and criminal types across the board.

The media are part of the criminal conspiracy to subjugate workers' rights under a union dictatorship. The media, especially the lamestream losers on the old alphabet networks, are sinking into a quagmire of their own inconsistent reporting on these issues. The reason that more people watch Fox is because Fox presents more aspects of a particular issue, with representation of both sides.

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