Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thoughts on the Wisconsin Protests

Bring it on, you retarded unions and Demonrat fugitives...!

Gov. Walker gently but firmly asserts that he's not backing down on decertifying the teachers' unions right to bargain collectively and negotiate, EXCEPT on wage issues. A fat union thug named Biel is his opponent. Anyone watching closely during this entire contretemps has noticed that Gov. Walker has an encyclopedic grasp of the minutiae of all the issues, much like Cong. Ryan of Janesville has of national budget issues. Speaking entirely without notes, Walker's off-the-cuff remarks in front of reporters with no TELEPROMPTER to remind one [Indonesian Imbecile?] of talking points or statistics, impressed reporters used to slacker moronic vague nullities from Dem pols are now talking about Walker's prospects as a national candidate.

I'm for Walker as we both attended Marquette U., where he ran and lost the student body president job and I won a seat in the student senate. Plus we're both from Wauwatosa originally, and he represented my parent's domicile for eight years in the 1990s in the 14th district in the State Assembly.

As far as the antics in front of the State Capitol building, docs' fake scripts denoting illness are one sign that the scofflaws in the union movement are a tribe of scum-sucking bottomfeeders who break the law without compunction and flash the Italian salute at anyone who objects. The whole situation reminds one of the old Jewish saw: "What's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable...."

In addition, the hegira of 14 WI state senators to the neighboring People's Republic of Illinois is not popular AT ALL with the native Wisconsinites. Dishonesty from special pleading that the Minority Leader Miller, whining that the senators weren't given enough time to debate, when the outcome was a foregone conclusion because the dishonest crook, Gov. Doyle, had disgraced the Dems with malfeasance & total disregard of the GOP during his long tenure. The whining childish wimps in the Dem caucus are not popular as they hang out in the home of the hated Bears. Of course, the polls indicating how unpopular the Dem senators are canvassed by the Journal-Sentinel are not being published in the national media, the aptly-named lamestream media, which is also ignoring the inflammatory posters of the protesters with Gov. Walker's face on a target and wearing a Hitler mustache. In fact, the MSM is the choir to the Indonesian Imbecile's silly intervention, when he lumped police and firemen into the aggrieved protesters, even though they were not under the decertification of negotiating benefits. [The JS poll of 1000 Wisconsinites found only 27% supported the Dem senator's skedaddling to the People's Republic of Illinois.]

And the national lamestreamers are completely ignoring that Walker's bill does not strip the teachers' and other unions [besides the exempt firefighters & police] from all collective bargaining, and leaves them freedom to negotiate as a union for wages only. This is a massive onslaught against democracy by a self-absorbed and decaying collection of elites in the coastal states who want to halt GOP gains illegally and by violent means, if necessary.

This is par for the course and as a native Wisconsinite, albeit now transplanted, I think the state's traditional sense of fair play is being violated. Also, the intrusion of the Indonesian Imbecile and Trumka and JJackson are not appreciated except by die-hard supporters. Remember this is concerning around 100,000 public servants earning at a minimum, 50% above teachers in parochial schools, which intriguingly have a MUCH HIGHER test score and graduation rate than the second-rate public schools. My brother who teaches in a Catholic school and earns a pittance is coming to Boca next week, financed almost totally by his wife's retirement benefits, as she taught in the public school system.

All the signs point to a PR disaster for the Dems in WI and nationally for the Indonesian Imbecile. Let's hope that the feeling of disgust for the Demonrats' overweening arrogance is transmitted by word of mouth, since the media is in full cry supporting the illegal and undemocratic methods of the protesters and their 14 maverick senators.

If this sparks a national uproar, then states like CA, NJ, NY, IL, Michigan, MN, and others are plunging into deep deficits. The House in DC is under total GOP control and will not sanction the Indonesian Imbecile's attempts to buy the states out of bankruptcy, which in any event, they cannot declare. Finally, the country ought to consider a brilliant summary of what's at stake which I found on PJM by a commenter named Stevens:
The whole concept of public unions should be illegal, in that it allows members to be represented twice, once directly at the negotiating table as a union member, and again at the polling booth as a citizen of the locality. Simultaneously, each of those privately-employed citizens who together pay the bulk of the union members’ salaries have but one vote, and effectively no power to fight off the unions’ ever-greedier demands. One man, one vote? Not when there are public unions, who offer nothing but specious rationalizations and thuggery when challenged. Public unions are undemocratic in theory, and stink of nothing but corruption in reality. They must all be dissolved.

The previous Demonrat administrations in WI under a crime spree capo di tutti capiti named Gov. Doyle negotiated ridiculously high benefits and retirement packages for the public unions, which in turn canvassed and worked assiduously for the Demonrat Party in WI, helping this mafia to be ascendant for a decade. This utterly cynical and dishonest trade-off is now being revealed to undermine the very underpinnings of democracy in a small constituency like a 5-million citizen state like Wisconsin.

Hopefully, another "Wisconsin Idea," like the Republican Party born in Ripon in 1854 and the primary concept, plus many other innovations and refinements in achieving democratically what cynical politicians tried to keep for themselves, will sweep the land.