Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rasmussen Poll Says Country Backs Gov. Walker

The NYT doesn't like polls that don't go along with its skewed take on reality. Here's my response to them in a letter on their comment site:
The Journal-Sentinel poll when this blew up last week had a 60-40 break for Gov. Walker. I know the NYT has its own brand of reality, but why would 48-38 be so much different? The people of Wisconsin knew very well what Walker's POV on public service unions was when they elected him over his Dem opponent in Nov. And in few words, you can sum up the difference between private sector & public sector unions.

In the private sector, on one side of the table sit those whose interest is in maximizing pay and benefits--that side represents the workers. On the other side sit those who seek to minimize them--that side represents the shareholders, its vendors and its customers. The two sides bargain over how to divide a fixed and limited sum of money.

In the public sector, there is no one at the table representing those who want to minimize the labor costs. The sum of money is almost unlimited, and is provided by people who have no say at the table. A substantial portion of the funds that go to labor are remitted directly to their negotiating "adversaries" in the form of campaign contributions.

In other words, public sector unions are probably in violation of the RICO law, in spirit if not in letter.

This will convince exactly no one, but Walker will be POTUS if this groundswell across the country keeps up. Now Indiana has a fugitive Dem legislature, reinforcing the national perception that the Demonrats are a bunch of scofflaw cheaters.

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