Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obama Sinks Into His Own Quagmire of Crap

The P.O.S. POTUS staining the Oval Office has another bribe-attempt in Colorado following the Sestak schmooze-up by serial perjurer B.J. Clinton. Mark Halperin stained his own underwear by a wet-fart tongue-job of Obama's rear=nether orifice---the reason that E.J. Dionne speaks with a lisp derives from its surgical separation from Obama's BIG ASS. Marky the Game Change wunderscheisskopf-kid tries desperately to whip up more hysteria about how bad a Republican come-back would be while telling folks not to watch the serial train-wreck catastrophes now inflicted on the USA by the Demo-rat hordes of rodents carrying political bubonic plague in their flea-infested coats.

And the American public senses that Obama is a rat in a smooth-talkin' con-chile clown suit. The suck-up stenographers like Halperin evidently still have room in their lower backsides to take a couple more inches of black priapic pushing, but aside from the Jew-boy JournoList.serve Comintern crew, the rest of the media is getting restive, even sluggish Tom Friedman is starting to move his immense bowels over the direction Obama is going.

Gallup's huge jump in the polling for Republicans as the generic choice of voters has hit 50% while the lame-o Demo-rats are sinking fast and are now down to 43%.

Once ObamaCare is seen as the Pyhrric victory of rampant homos like Barney and Chris Dodd and Nancy Botox & Dingy Harry, the American people can reject this suppurating sore on America's ass in 2012 and get back to some sense of direction besides the sewer that Obama is aiming us all at.

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