Friday, June 04, 2010

Cowardly Politico D-bags Ban While Claiming to Post Comments

Politico just doesn't display comments when it claims to have posted one's submission, proving its craven liberal DNA persists even while it, like Mike Allen's "Playbook," plays Lets Pretend that We're all even-handed and fair & balanced just like our journalistic superior, FoxNEWS! Below is my submission to the title Conservatives don't like FTC's journo plan which calls for girding up underperforming [i.e., unreadable libtard trash newspapers and magazines and cable news] with government-subsidized news. Of course, the room temp IQs at Politico wouldn't figure out the real reason for libtard media failures any more than the pitiful PBS Evening News tonight figured out why the stock market went down after the job market tanked. Libtards are supremely stupid, that's why. And arrogant to boot, a devastatingly self-destructive combination, as they will discover in November of this year.

It's very interesting that the liberal news outlets are experiencing a plunge in circulation which will soon mean bankruptcy or closing doors. The NYT, LAT, WaPo, and the tabloid trash Newsweak, Time, etc are all in a tailspin. Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal is actually INCREASING ITS CIRCULATION & several other conservative newspapers are holding steady treading water, but not plummeting like the libtard shill stenographers for the increasingly unpopular [[46% & trending downward] Obama. All the lib cable news can't match FoxNEWS in prime time.

So when you can't win fairly, you cheat. That is the Democrat way, as Mark Rudd told me decades ago as my houseguest in Ann Arbor: "Dare to Cheat, Dare to Win!"

Get the FTC in there to change the finance structures. The Republicans now have a 49-43% advantage over the Demo-rats and that's going to GROW as the Dems frantically hysterically thrash about trying to cheat their way out of their dead-end.

Too much truthyness means ending up on the cutting room floor of the Politico hack/shill/bunko rackets.

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