Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sudanese Woman to be Hanged for Apostasy

Meriam Wani will be hanged as an apostate in Khartoum without a peep from the loathsome grotesque collection of frauds know as feminists. Ditto for the national joke known our Mainstream Media.

You see, these monstrosities of lies and deception called feminists and journalists are not allowed to say positive things about Christians without incurring the wrath of their compliant morally-deficient colleagues. These are the spineless degenerates who meekly submit to their membership in the postmodern "intellectual elite" that serves as the Ministry of Truth in the Orwellian universe of 1984/2014. Hence the degenerates feel that Islam can do no wrong as long as it fights Christianity, so there will be ZERO publicity for this crime against humanity by the barbarous inhabitants of Sudan, [which in Arabic means 'land of the blacks,' a pejorative term employed by the racist light-skinned monsters who are the Levantine and Peninsula Arabs]

So Meriam may hang for being born of a Muslim father who left her Christian mother shortly after she was born.

Hanging dissidents and religious is not unusual for this barbarous country in the midst of a barbarous "Arab Nation" that daily administers lashes and murders its citizens in the umpty-thousands in senseless civil wars, as in Syria now and Lebanon for two decades that began when I was studying Arabic in Beirut in 1975.

As another personal aside, I was introduced in the early '80s to Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, later hanged for his political views, by Martin Indyk, no less. Now Indyk is John 'Lurch' Kerry'd teawallah errand boy in the task of flagellating Israel for its perceived insensitivity to the members of the "religion of peace.' [/sarc]

The Big Brother that is the "intellectual elite" of the USA will studiously ignore this atrocity and Meriam will hang without imparting a warning lesson to the hypocrites who mindlessly and senselessly steer our country toward another 9/11.

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