Saturday, May 24, 2014

Climate Global Warmers Are McCarthyites? Insist on Conformity or Skeptics Will be Shunned?

Lennart Bengtsson has resigned from the middle-of-the-road Global Warming Policy Foundation [GWPF] after the lemmings in the Anthropomorphic Global Warming [AGW] swarm totally shunned him, like the Puritanical dunces that they are, for joining an objective climate organization.

Der Spiegel has the details of the scandal that Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Feynman famously warned about in a 1974 Commencement Address which called for an "unusual level of honesty" in scientists that causes them to constantly retest their conclusions in the light of incoming data.

Like the dishonest and biased American media, the Global Warming Nazis insist on total conformity to the pre-conclusion that only science presuming AGW can be discussed and all other scenarios are being "harmful," as a paper Bengtsson submitted to an Environmental Pravda for publishing was rejected for.

Mound of blubber Fat Al Gore may insist that "the science is settled," but he got a 'D' in his only course in science at Vanderbilt and famously flies around in his own jet which emits more pollution in a day than the Average Joe does in a year.

And thimble wits like Gore and the hordes of Orcs that swarm over any dissenters are making any real science about climate change [and climates always change---i.e. like the Younger Dryas stadial 12.9-11.5k BP & the Holocene temperature variations and the so-called "Little Ice Age" ~1350-1850 AD] a matter of dogma and are becoming Stalinist collectivist criminals infesting the world of so-called intellectuals.

In the megalomania of the Global Warming Left, sunspots or other larger phenomena are outside the realm of the man-made utopia based on total government control [in this case, the UN-based IPCC] is anathema.

Global Warming is the newest religion and one had better comply or be shunned in "polite company."

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