Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar

Simon Sebag Montefiori [Bloomberg] has written the best book on the Red Czar --- a creature who was a terrorist against his own people --- who considered Ivan The Terrible his model for governance!!!

The only issue that disturbed this criminal more than conspiring colleagues was their wives, who were murdered in their hundreds to remind their husbands to obey the Party Line!

For a small taste of this brutal savage's insanity, take the book out of your nearest library or read Richard Pipes' book review in the NYT a few years back.

Remember that Putin stores Stalin's entire hoard of books in his Kremlin Office and is fond of showing visitors Stalin's annotated texts, all while wearing Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring!

The tradition of brutal homicidal maniacs ruling The Motherland continues even unto today!

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